Mojo Stu


Trailer Trash Roundup

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Trailer Trash Roundup Mojo Stu

One More Whiskey [Preview Coming Soon]

It’s Too Late [Preview Coming Soon]

My Poor Heart [Preview Coming Soon]

Hide Your Love [Preview Coming Soon]


Wild About My Baby

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Wild About My Baby Mojo Stu

Amazing Grace 

Bye Bye Baby 

If I Could Cry 

She’s Alright 

So Long 

Wild About My Baby 

Drown in My Own Tears 

Jitterbug Swing 

Goin’ Down 

Poor Lonely Man 

Footsnewgy Bituminous Tusk 


Real House Blues

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Real House of Blues Mojo Stu

Leave It Gone 

Got A Love 

My Mama She Don’t Love Me 

Hootchie Mama 

Don’t Worry 



Lightning (Reprise) 

Hey Hey 


Good Gravy

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Good Gravy Mojo Stu

Workin’ With My Baby 

It’s All Good 

Leave That Good Gal Here 

Philly Rag 

Woke Up With The Blues 

I’ll Be Your Man 

My Baby 

Poor Lonely Man 

Bad Luck Woman 

Good Gravy 

Mudbone Waltz 


Not for Nothin’

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Not for Nothing Mojo Stu

I’m Ready 

Camel Toe Boogie 

It’s Late 

Waiting On A Heartbreak 

You’re Gonna Miss Me 

Drive Me Crazy 

Not For Nothin’ 

Blue Girl 

Hurts Me Too 

Never Give Up On Love